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Wilsonton Heights Park
Your park – your story

img1The vision for Wilsonton Heights Park
Wilsonton Heights Park aims to encourage community interaction and involvement to foster a sense of spirit and pride within the local community.
The design aims to create an identity for the Park, that is a celebration of the diverse community, inclusive of all members.
Nature & the environment are key aspects of the park.  Native and bush food planting areas will be a feature of the park to engage the community and provide educational opportunities.



The inspiration
The inspiration for the park is the natural environment of region, and the strong aboriginal heritage of the area.
The park draws on forms, colours and plants found within the landscape, including bush food area and feature tree and native grassland areas.
The key focus is the feel of meandering, bush paths that are aimed to create a sense of ‘wandering’ and bring park users in close contact with native vegetation in an informal and educational way.
The vision for community artwork
Public artwork will be a key connecting element throughout the park and aims to engage local artists and the community to tell ‘their story’.


img3The first stage is to incorporate 3 ‘totems’ to be decorated in themes to represent a story devised from the community engagement.  These will be placed amongst the trees so as sit amongst the natural landscape, at focal points along major pedestrian paths.
Supporting simply coloured totems will be installed at several locations with potential for future artworks to be included through further community participation.

How to get involved
For more information refer to one of the following:

Toowoomba Regional Council website at

The Heights Community Centre website at
http://www.heightscommunitycentre.wordpress.com website.

or contact Charlie Waters at
W&S Waters – Aboriginal Consultants
Ph: 0429 976 860

“The design aims to create an identity for the Park, that is a celebration of the diverse community, inclusive of all members”


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