Making Furniture from Re-cycled Timber

Jayden Weatherall, who recently completed a construction course with Downs Group Training makes furniture from re-cycled timber. The timber is left over material from building sites which tradesman have given us permission to use. This timber is normally just thrown away. If you would like to purchase outdoor furniture from Jayden you can phone him on 0487 694 268.

Food Giveaway

We have been able to give away fruit, vegetable and bread on a regular basis. The Lifehouse, a local volunteer organisation, brings the bread to us every Wednesday. We have been growing vegetables in our garden, and a local church drops off vegetables also.


Carers Queensland



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing Expo

When: Monday 9 May 10 am – 2pm

Where: PCYC, James Street, Toowoomba


Sorry day Celebration at our centre





Casava for the African community



We sell the Casava, and all of the money goes to support our local volunteer gardener who is unemployed due to having a disability. Long term we hope to have an African person also involved in this small business venture. Our price for Casava leaves is $1.50/bag. Each bag weighs about 450g. Casava leaves are a staple food in the Democratic Republic of Congo and also Chad in Central Africa. Casava is the 3rd largest source of carbohydrate globally. The roots are also edible and taste like potato.


Mexican food at the play group

Thank you to The wonder Chief Becky!





Footy this Monday at Wilsonton Heights Park



Between 3:30pm and 4:30 this Monday come down and have some footy fun! at the wilsonton Heights park


Thank You To Grill’d Restaurant Toowoomba

THANK YOU!! to Grill’d Restaurants Toowoomba for your donation to the Heights Community Centre



Indigenous basket weaving

Every Wednesday at 10am, Katie will be teach you the art of Indigenous basket weaving, at the Heights Community Centre



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