About Us

— Public Service Announcements / Notices — 

We are currently in temporary premises located at 267 North Street, Wilsonton Heights.

Please call 4634 7672 for any enquiries regarding our programs and services.

To all patrons of the Centre, please be advised, that due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, strict social distancing rules are in place and hygiene protocol as per the Health Departments directives.

Our weekly activities are back up and running.  Please check our Facebook page for regular updates and notifications.

— End Public Service Announcements / Notices —

The Heights Community Centre is a non-profit organisation, that services the Wilsonton Heights and Rockville areas of Toowoomba. Safer Toowoomba Regional Partnerships Inc facilitates the running of the community centre and is funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors. The Heights Community Centre was established in 2007 to provide assistance and ongoing support for a community that has a number of social, cultural and economic challenges. We are committed to assisting all vulnerable members of the community; with specific programs for the elderly, children (young and old), youth at risk, individuals and families.


Mission Statement

Heights Community Centre will assist the community of North West Toowoomba by directly providing , and/ or referring people to services, programs and activities most relevant to them.


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